13/09/2021 | Writer: Özge Gökpınar

9 activists came together to identify a roadmap for the intersex movement in Turkey.

Intersex Turkey has completed the first two workshops of its study camp Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

In the study camp supported by Astraea, 9 activists came together in Ayvalık between 9 and 12 September 2021 to identify a roadmap for the intersex movement in Turkey.

In the first two workshops of the study camp, which was organized by the solidarity of 17 May Association, the activists from Intersex Turkey and from 17 May Association discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the Intersex Turkey initiative and conducted an opportunity and threats/risks analysis. They identified the steps to be taken on how they would act together to reach more intersex persons, to reach their families, to reach healthcare professionals and medical data, to raise the central government’s awareness and to make the human rights of the intersex persons visible.

Emphasizing how strong the communication between the people in the Intersex Turkey despite there are small number of activists, owing to the fact that the Intersex Turkey Initiative has originated from a movement having a background at least for ten years; they identified the steps they can take to ensure that the LGBT movement can take into consideration all the diverse existence of intersex activists and persons.

Based on the fact that Intersex Turkey, as a pioneer initiative, can raise up the voice of intersex persons living not only in Turkey but also in neighbor countries like Iran and Azerbaijan as well as having strong ties with intersex refugees in Turkey; on the second workshop, they mapped the actors in the intersex struggle, determined the stakeholders, institutions and individuals that could be reached, and identified their strategies for the coming period.

Other workshops will take place tomorrow in order to discuss how to develop their own story and activism through storytelling.

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