13/09/2021 | Writer: Özge Gökpınar

9 activists came together to identify a roadmap for the intersex movement in Turkey.

Intersex Turkey has completed the last workshops of its study camp Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

In the first two workshops of the study camp, which was organized by the solidarity of 17 May Association, the activists from Intersex Turkey and from 17 May Association discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the Intersex Turkey initiative and conducted an opportunity and risk analysis and identified their strategies.

Evaluating the essence of the Intersex Turkey Initiative on last workshop took place on 11 September, the activists came together to tell their own stories to evaluate the deadlocks in their lives, the difficult paths they went through, the past, present and future.

In the storytelling workshop that was facilitated by Yıldız Tar by saying that when persons tell their own stories, they can be heard directly as who they are and as a whole exitence, without being muted, the activists narrated all the changes that affect their lives through three objects they chose.

The activists, who were able to experience facing the past and the practice of empowerment by standing together, wrote down their own sharings.

This study camp supported by ASTRAEA Lesbian Foundation For Justice will end by the evaluation of the study camp by 9 activists on 12 September 2021.

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