09/05/2021 | Writer: Kaos GL

Kaos GL has reached more than two thousand people through 68 events over three months. Provided 99 expert support sessions. Sent more than 6,000 publications to NGOs. Received 11.5 million views on Twitter.

January-March 2021 activity reports from Kaos GL Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Illustration: Aslı Alpar / Kaos GL, "We are very crowded my love"

Kaos GL Association continues to publish its "Monthly Activity Report" to inform its members, volunteers and followers about its work. The association's annual report for January, February and March 2021 was published digitally.

Here are some headlines from the January, February and March 2021 Monthly Activity Report published on the official website of the Kaos GL Association.

*Kaos GL organized 68 events. These events, which were organized together with our stakeholders, included interviews, panels, workshops and webinars.

*Provided expert support to professionals in fields such as finance, media, communication, associations legislation, campaigning, advocacy, human rights 99 times.

*Provided academic consultancy to 13 projects.

*Reached more than 2000 people with these events.

*Published 708 content on KaosGL.org, including 35 columns, 52 visual content and 621 news. 89 of these contents were in English. Click for details of March, February and January!

*We reached our listeners with 13 podcasts.

*Our news and work have appeared in the media outlets 201 times.

*We have distributed over 6,400 journals, publications and research reports to non-governmental organizations and professional experts.

*Kaos GL Magazine's January-February 2021 issue was published with the "Dialogue" case study and the March-April issue with the "Body" case study.

*Our work, news and campaigns received 11.5 million views on Twitter. Our posts on Facebook have reached nearly 500,000 users.


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