02/03/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

We published 279 contents in February 2021, including 253 news articles, 6 columns, and 20 visual works.

What did KaosGL.org do in February 2021? Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

* KaosGL.org published 279 content in February 2021. 253 of these contents were news, 6 were column articles, and 20 were visual works.

* 93 of the news published on KaosGL.org were exclusive reports. 37 of these exclusive reports were prepared by volunteer reporters and volunteer writers of KaosGL.org.

* During this time KaosGL.org has published 32 articles in English and brought the LGBTI+ agenda in Turkey to the international reader through these exclusive reports. KaosGL.org brought the global LGBTI+ agenda to its readers from Turkey with 33 English to Turkish translations.

* KaosGL.org publicized the work of LGBTI+ organizations through 146 stories; brought up the work of other human rights organizations in the field of LGBTI+ rights with another 92 reports. 38 items were published regarding the studies and reports of the Kaos GL Association.

* 76 content published on KaosGL.org was supported by volunteer reporters and LGBTI+ activists as sources or by expressing their opinions.

*Kaos GL has published 6 podcasts in February.

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