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Kaos GL and EĞİTİM-SEN (Education and Science Worker’s Union) Came Together In Istanbul

Kaos GL and EĞİTİM-SEN Came Together In Istanbul Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
The program of this term carried out by Kaos GL within the scope of human rights training is made in 14th April Saturday in the number 3 branch of Eğitim-Sen in Istanbul. The meeting which had been previously carried out in Ankara and Diyarbakir was made in Istanbul with the host of Eğitim-Sen.
Remzi Altunpolat from Kaos GL Association emphasized the importance of education in the working fields of the association. In the workshops carried out by Kaos GL and Eğitim-Sen, it was stated that the teachers from Eğitim-Sen have been important guides in terms of working with LGBT students.   
Dr. Melek Göregenli who was from Social Psychology Department in Ege University made a presentation under the title of Discrimination and Homophobia andabout the concept of discrimination and the ideological shaping of homophobia. She claimed that homophobia was an ideology within the society. She also said that discriminative acts were not homogeneous and the discrimination constructed by homophobia was the core discrimination. 
Yasemin Şafak from Diyarbakir National Educational Directorship made presentation titled as LGBT Students and Their Parents. Şafak started her presentation with an empathy activity showing discrimination varied at the societal level. After the activity in which teachers expressed their feelings, she focused on the questions how we can do about the relationship between teachers and LGBT students in the schools.
Under the titles of ‘‘Why is it important to help our LGBT students?’’, ‘‘Studies with the Student’’,“Studies with the Family’’ and “Studies with the Teachers, Directorship and Other Students’’ she took attention to the crucial points in relationship between teachers and LGBT students.
Teachers from Eğitim-Sen carefully followed the education which was carried out by Kaos GL under the title of human rights and LGBT individuals. In the discussion and question-and-answer part of the education, participating teachers said that this education was beneficial and instructive with respect to the problems that have been encountered in relationship between LGBT students and teachers and it should be carried out again.
Translation: Ecem Yıldırım   

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