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The new Executive Board and Supervisory Board members have been selected during the Assembly in Ankara on 15th June, 2013.

Kaos GL Association Held Its 5th General Assembly Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL) held its 5th General Assembly. The new Executive Board and Supervisory Board members have been selected during the Assembly in Ankara on 15th June, 2013.


Executive and Supervisory Boards

The new Executive Board members selected for the next two years are Ali Erol (Chair), Yasemin Öz (Vice Chair), Remzi Altunpolat (Secretary General), Umut Güner (Treasure), Melek Göregenli (Member), Gülsüm Depeli (Member) and Selçuk Candansayar (Member). 


The substitute Executive Board members are Yasemin Şafak, Simten Çoşar, Zehra Tosun, Nilgün Toker, Zozan Özgökçe, Sema Buz and Ayşe Devrim Başterzi Çıngı.


The new Supervisory Board consists of İdil Engindeniz (Chair), Begüm Başdaş and Atilla Demir with the subsitutes Elif Ceylan Özsoy, Devrim Sezer and İnan Keser.


It has been decided that the General Assembly of Kaos GL will be held during the week of May 17 in every two years.


Advisory Board

As planned in the previous assembly, an Advisory Board has been formed, which will be run by Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Melek Göregenli.


In October, the asssociation will organize a General Coordination Meeting in which the works of Kaos GL and its policies will be evaluated and discussed.


Ongoing Programs

Kaos GL Association evaluated its ongoing programs and structured them for the new term.


The Human Rights Program willcooperate with ILGA-Europe and other international LGBT NGOs to prepare better reports and conduct more efficient research for the human rights program. A special focus will be on the following fields: education, health, employment, shelter, resource and facility access, discrimination and hate crimes.


“Refugee Support Program” will continue giving legal support to LGBT refugees and focus more on advocacy. 


Academic and Cultural Program will keep up with the Symposium Against Discriminations, the International Feminist Forum and the Anti-Homophobia Meeting. The yearly meetings of the Regional Anti-Homophobia Network will be organized by Kaos GL. 


Apart from Kaos GL Magazine being regularly published, an academic queer studies journal, KaosQ+, will start off.  


Media-Communication Program will strengthen kaosGL.org with more local news all around Turkey and also countries from the Regional Network and the English website is to be improved. Printed Turkish media will be monitored and reported in terms of homophobia and transphobia.


Education and Capacity Development Program will continue giving the human rights education trainings for teachers, social service experts and lawyers. “Anti-Homophobia Labor Networks” will be supported, especially for these three groups.


Education trainings and seminars will be organized for the NGOs, trade unions and labor groups willing to work on LGBT issues. More support will be be given to local LGBT activists.


Besides the support given to LGBT-related academic research and studies, a database will be formed under Kaos GL Library which will turn into an e-library.


Local Anti-Homophobia Meetings will be strengthened to include more.


LGBT Internship Program will cover new branches such as Social Service, Media-Communication, International Relations/Political Science. “LGBT Counseling Training“ for social service interns and volunteers will be developed and expended to 9 months for experts working in the field of psychology.


LGBT Counseling Activities which are either face-to-face or via phone and e-mail will be structured and developed.  

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