31/07/2006 | Writer: KAOS GL

The 28th summer 2006 issue of Kaos GL, the only homosexual magazine in Turkey, has been confiscated by Ankara 12th Justice Court on the same day it was printed. The issue, in which pornography is questioned and contributed by the figures who are experts in their fields, have been seized because the court deemed that its content is 'pornographic.'

July 24 Press Festival surprise from Ankara republican prosecutor's office for Kaos GL!

Judge Tekman Savas Nemli decided CONFISCATION AND SEIZURE of Kaos GL after Republican Prosecutor Metin Sezgin from Ankara Chief Republican Prosecutor's Office Press Crimes Investigation Bureau demanded this in a text dated July 21, 2006 and numbered 2006/1708 because some content and pictures in some texts in a file on pornography in the 28th issue because these were understood to breach protection of general morality.

In the decision of Ankara Chief Republican Prosecutor's Office Press Crimes Investigation Bureau, the expression that some texts and pictures are against "protection of general morality". But this expression does not state which pictures and texts should be banned on what ground.

Turkey's gay and lesbian magazine published regularly since September 1994

It is the first time that our magazine is banned on the same day it was delivered from the printing house even before it is distributed to bookstores. Kaos GL, which started to be published in 1994, was recorded legally at the end of 1999 and the Republican Chief Prosecutor did not find it "pornographic or obscene." Two of its issues following its registeration by officials were distributed in closed envelopes because of the Prime Ministry Council for Protection of Juveniles from Obscene Publications. Other than this, Kaos GL has not faced any investigation.

Not homosexuals but general morality will change!

This decision, which coincides with July 24 Press Festival, should be a "surprise" against freedom of expression! The decision is sexist and homophobic. What is attempted to be buried with a siege of 'general morality' is the freedom of expression of Turkish national gay and lesbians.

From the beginning, we have developed arguments and given a struggle against putting homosexuality the same category with sexuality and putting sexuality with the same category with pornography. Our right to have our word which should exist within the framework of freedom of expression is at the same time gay and lesbians' struggle for existence. It is obvious that not homosexuals but 'general morlaity' will change.

Not pornpography but criticising and questioning pornography is banned!

Today presentation of views on women bodies with a sexist mentality makes no problem but scientific, cultural and artistic criticism of pornography via gay-lesbian sexuality is seen and banned as an attitude against 'general morality'.

In the magazine with contributions from writers Ahmet Tulgar, Fatih
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