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July-August issue of the Kaos GL Magazine is out, and the subject of this issue is “plus”.

Kaos GL Magazine’s summer issue is out: “artı/plus” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

July-August issue of the Kaos GL Magazine is out, and the subject of this issue is “plus”

Cover image: Özlem Ünlü

The 167th issue of Kaos GL Magazine, which is being published since 1994, has been published with the subject of “plus”. July-August issue of the magazine is searching answers to the questions like “what does ‘+’ means?”, “does + means an act to gather all the gender identities, sexual orientations and gender expressions -that may be added after LGBTI- under a single roof or does it point to a greater agenda than that?”.

Online subscribers can read the new issue from the magazine website. Those who wish to get a printed copy can find the new issue from the bookstores in Turkey after this week. To buy the new issue of the magazine on the internet, you can contact Notabene Publishing.

Even though the organized queer liberation struggle does not have a long history in the region that we live in, we still can say that our self-identification has changed many times: GL, LG, LGBTT, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTI….


In this issue, while we discuss the political dynamics created by these identifications and their positionings in daily life; we tried to address the “+”, which has been added to the conceptual dictionary of the LGBTI movement in the last few years.

The “+” file starts with a mini-dictionary that is created with the contributions of Galip Karabacak and continues with the introductory article of Damla Umut Uzun regarding the “+”; “More Than a Math Symbol”. While we investigate ever-increasingly argued “Concealed Matter of Bi+” from Umut Erdem’s article; we make a journey through time with the “The Apolitical Degenerate Feminist History of My Lezzie Transvestiteness” of Ecemen. Then we read about the cultural heritage of LGBTIQ2, which is being increasingly used as an abbreviation in Canada and many other regions, with the contributions of Eren Turan. And finally, after a pleasant interview with Sadık Arı about them and their art, we can enjoy the pride diary of Semih Özkarakaş.


On the Agenda section of the magazine, Mert Güzel with her astrology article; with her 14th Women to Women Story Contest Special Award winner story, “Sıcak/Hot”, Nevin Yıldız; with the queer stories derived from classical music, Eylül Güney Güven; the director of the movie on the love between women and migration, Salih; with a booklist for Kaos GL readers on summer read recommendations,  Hakan İlker Çetinkaya; and with the article of Non-violent Action, Tolga Kızılay has accompanied us.

Next issue

In the next issue of Kaos GL Magazine, which we will be focusing on Young LGBTI+’s, we would like to look at the characteristics of the youth period and discuss the difficulties and necessary measures to overcome the difficulties related to the awoken awareness of sexual development and sexual orientation in this age. We aim to discuss our experiences, needs, and issues in the family-school clamp, particularly in the coming out processes.

We are waiting for your contributions to our casework or actual pages until 10 August 2019 at editor@kaosgl.org.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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