28/03/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Kaos GL Media School opened its’ doors in Ankara. Students from various universities participated in the workshops conducted at the Journalists’ Union of Turkey.

Media School welcomed 2023 in Ankara Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

The Media School, organized by Kaos GL Association with the aim of strengthening the network of volunteer reporters and writers of online news portal KaosGL.org and Kaos GL Magazine and encouraging LGBTI+s to write their own stories, welcomed 2023 in Ankara.

Core principles of journalism were discussed within the scope of the workshops conducted at Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS), on March 25.

In the Media School, which attracted much attention from LGBTI+ right defenders, Yıldız Tar gave information about Media School, which has been organized by Kaos GL annually for 18 years under different themes, and talked about technical details of news writing.

Being the voice for the voiceless

“The main issue in news writing is telling the current agenda. Nowadays, the current information changes at a high-speed,” said Tar, mentioning the debates on “impartiality of the news”, added: “Rights-based journalism is on the side of fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Stating that news has a history as long as human history on earth, Tar told that information or events should have news value to be quantifiable as news. Rejecting the claim of impartiality of journalists, Tar stated that it is not possible for journalists to be impartial and said “Journalists should take sides with rights and freedoms of all groups.”

Tar explained that partiality of a journalist doesn’t prevent objectivity of news, which makes journalism possible. Tar also defined rights-based journalism as “Being the voice for voiceless”.

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