23/04/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

The Solidarity Wardrobe is waiting for your clothing donations in order to meet the clothing needs of trans+ people.

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Solidarity Wardrobe, initiated by HDK LGBTI+, is waiting for your clothing donations to meet the need for trans+s to dress.

"We know that the trans+ people who are in their gender confirmation process need clothing and they are having hardships meeting this need from time to time. We are setting up a solidarity wardrobe in İstanbul in order to meet this need even for a little bit", said the Solidarity Wardrobe and posted this call in Arabic and Persian, Kurdish and Turkish.

"We will need clothing donations. You can contact us at the contact number below for the clothes you want to donate. Thank you in advance for your solidarity with us. You can view the clothes from the photos we will upload to our Instagram page, and contact us when you want and get the clothing you want."

You can contact the Solidarity Wardrobe from here.

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