27/01/2021 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

The Law for Life Initiative (Yaşam İçin Yasa İnisiyatifi), established to pass the Animal Rights Act in line with the demands of animal rights advocates, also places LGBTI+ rights in its focus.

“Our purpose is to develop a discourse of justice for the right to life of animals, humans, workers, women, children, disabled, LGBTI+’s” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Founded upon the call of Eray Özgüner, the mother of animal rights, LGBTI+ rights activist, right-to-life advocate Burak Özgüner, the Law for Life Initiative calls for a fight for an Animal Rights Act that will protect the life rights of animals, which it describes as the most basic and necessary condition of an equal, fair and livable world.

The Law for Life Initiative, which was established on January 20th following Eray Özgüner's video, focuses on the violations against environmental and life rights of humans, workers, women, children, people with disabilities, LGBTI+'s, and also the climate crisis.

The “Who we are” statement of the Initiative is as follows:

"The Law for Life Initiative was founded on November 9, 2019 by activists, non-governmental organization representatives and researchers working, thinking, producing for an equal, fair and livable world, who came together with the call of Eray Özgüner, the mother of our fellow rights advocate Burak Özgüner.

"Our purpose is to develop an inclusive, participatory and transformative discourse of equality, freedom, peace, rights and justice against the increasingly rapid ecological destruction in Turkey and around the world; violations of right to life and environment of animals, humans, workers, women, children, people with disabilities, LGBTI+'s, the climate crisis, escalating violence, discrimination, insecurity. Our basic claim and the common principle that brings us together is clear: the most basic and necessary condition of an equal, fair and livable world; the protection of animals' right to life.

"In order to recognize and protect the right to life, which is the most fundamental claim to justice and lifa, we demand that the Animal Rights Act, which we have been working on for a long time, be brought to the agenda of the Parliament as soon as possible. Moreover, we argue that there are some vital principles in the reorganization of the Animal Protection Act 5199, which became law in 2004.

"You can see our demands here, that we drawn for developing protective and transformative regulations in favor of the right to life, ending the violence against animals,  and for the Animal Rights Act and the trnsformation of related legislation.

"We argue that these demands are vital not only for the protection of the lives of animals, but also to protect the rights of vulnerable, disadvantaged groups, all social components deprived of material, social and legal security in Turkey. Because we argue that justice can only happen when it protects the most fragile, damaged, deprived of legal security towards their life and body.  Because we believe that justice for animals, stopping ecological destruction, preventing cases of violence that have become atmospheric and ensuring an environment of peace and tranquility are the basic conditions for building a healthy, equal and climate crisis-resilient Turkey and World.”

How to support?

"The Law for Life Initiative is a solidarity initiative established to spread the justice for animals, to create a broad public opinion and raise social awareness in the light of our basic principles and demands. Since 2012, we aim to strengthen and grow this solidarity in order to shape the agenda of legislators in a way that will bring justice to animals with the Animal Protection Law, which has been raised in every legislative period. For this purpose, we aim to receive effective support from all public institutions and organizations, local governments, private sector constituents, professional chambers, press and media professionals, rights organizations, NGOs, solidarities, initiatives and platforms.

"If you want to support the fight for justice and solidarity for animals for an equal, fair, livable Turkey and the world with your institution, contact us with your institution name at: yasamicinyasa@gmail.com"

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