05/06/2004 | Writer: KAOS GL

During the visit to Turkish Parliament on May 24, 2004, gay and lesbian activists from Lambda Istanbul and Kaos GL called for changes in a Turkish Penal Code proposal in order to amend articles that discriminate against gays and lesbians. They issued a statement to the press at the Dikmen door of the Turkish Parliament before leaving the building:

* It is a great improvement that the phrase, sexual orientation, was added to article 124, which is about discrimination. Discrimination based on sexual orientation will be considered a crime from now on. Discriminating against homosexuals when accepting employees will also be a crime. We believe, laying off, preventing promotion, exile, and forced resignation should also be added in this article.

* Also, the phrase sexual orientation was not added to article 3, which regulates equality before justice and law. We regard this as a contradiction within the draft.

* Homosexuality should not be regarded as provocation

* Crimes against homosexuals can be subject to a reduced punishment. The article should be restructured as to prevent reduction in the punishment of crimes committed against persons of homosexual inclination such as usurpation, attack, injuring or murder.

* The abstruse expressions about the morals of a society in the laws are usually used against homosexuals. Such articles should be reworded to prevent wrong interpretations.

* We demand that the word, exhibitionisms removed from article 227, which regulates shameful acts. Also article 228 about obscenity is very vague on what is obscene and what is not. We propose that sexual exploitations used instead of obscenity. The expression, unnatural sexual behavior should also be lifted because it is vague.

* We want the expressions, sexual orientation, and sexual identity to be included into article 79, which defines genocide, and article 80, which regulates other crimes against humanity.

* We demand that the age of consent for sexual relations is reduced to 15.

* We propose that article 218 about thought crimes lifted. Expression of opinion should not be regarded as a crime.

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