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October 12, 2009
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The murder case of transsexual Melek K. who was killed in her home in Ankara was continued. The prosecutor claimed to try defendant T.P. under six different charges such as murder, plunder, theft and further allegations.

The 2nd hearing of the murder case of 25-year-old Pink Life LGTB Association member Melek K. took place at the Ankara 6th High Criminal Court on 8 October.

Murder suspect T.P. faces a life sentence in solitary confinement without parole. Melek K.'s father Yusuf K., his lawyer Nevzat Sarin and defendant's lawyer Onur Tatar appeared at court for the 2nd hearing.

Photos of crime scene show victim fully dressed - defendant's statement invalid

According to LGBT social networking website Kaosgl.org, the prosecutor requested to try defendant T.P under a total of 6 allegations such as murder, looting or concealment of stolen goods.

The lawyer pointed out that Melek K. was fully dressed on the pictures of the crime scene. He indicated that the defendant's defense statement is invalid since he said, "I thought she was a woman. When she got undressed and I saw her genitals I killed her". The prosecutor included this evidence into the file for further investigation.

The hearing was adjourned to 15 Ocotober 2.00 pm for an investigation of the evidence.

On 11 April, Melek K. was stabbed at her home in the Kavaklidere district of Ankara at around 2.00 am.

Call for participation in the hearing to defend life against death

The Kaos GL Association made following announcement after the hearing:

"We urge everybody to join the hearing. We should be sensitive about grievous provocations like suspects benefiting from mitigation of sentences and regulations within the legal framework for crimes of hatred. We should be sensitive about somebody easily daring to kill anybody for his or her personality. We call for living together despite differences, for an equal and free world and for defending life against death".

A group of Melek K.'s friends gathered in front of her home in the night of 13 April to commemorate her with candles. They declared, "As long as the mentality, which fails to find the murderers, awards them with unlawful reductions in sentences reigns, no one would believe that these murders are singular incidents."

26-year-old alleged murder of Melek K. defendant T.P. was arrested in the Ankara district of Sereflikochisar on 18 April.

Bianet was informed by lawyer Senem Doganoglu about the statement of defendant T.P. who was detained by the 12th Magistrate Criminal Court.

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