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Symposium of ‘Our Lost Ones and Us // Dying As The Other’ will be held on 24th October in İzmir İsmet İnönü Culture and Art Center.

Symposium of “Our Lost Ones and Us // Dying As The Other” will be held on 24th October in İzmir İsmet İnönü Culture and Art Center.

Kaos GL Association, Hacı Bektaş Veli Anatolian Cultural Association which is a corner stone association representing Alevism in Turkey, and Peoples’ Bridge (Halkların Köprüsü) Association are organizing symposium of “Our Lost Ones and Us // Dying As The Other.” 

Symposium, built on criticism of leaving dead bodies of The Others to its own proper mentality of majority, state, public force, family, and such as various social institution, will be held in İzmir in 24th October which covers a day.

The symposium will be all in Turkish and there won't be any translation.

Here’s the full list of symposium starting with the opening speech by Prof.Dr. Gökçen Alpkaya in İsmet İnönü Culture and Art Center at 10.00:

Opening Presentation


Dead bodies and The Others in the presence of Constitution and Law / Prof. Dr. Gökçen Alpkaya

1.Session: How do they live?


Prof. Dr. Selçuk Candansayar, Lecturer of Gazi University

Dr. Abdurrahman Aydın, Instructor of Adıyaman University

Dr. Türkcan Baykal

2.Session: How do we live?


Ercan Geçmez, Hacı Bektaş Veli Anatolian Cultural Association

Ali Erol, Kaos GL Association

Zeynep Altın, Halkların Köprüsü Association

3.Session: How do I live?


Teodora Hacudi

Peace Mother Behiye Yalçın

Pakrat Estukyan

Sinan Demirkan


Epilogue and Short Consideration


Prof. Dr. Cem Terzi

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Yalçınkaya

Here is the full list of invitation wording of symposium:

“The ones who live in Turkey as The Others no matter what kind of problems they encounter during their life, they encounter the same problems, even harder versions, when they are dead.The Others have the opportunity to develop tactics and strategies to deal with the problems they encounter when they are alive but unfortunately, when they die, they do not only lose this chance but also leave their dead bodies to its own proper mentality of majority, state, public force, family and various social institution.Accordingly, for example if you have a different ethnic, sexual and religious identity, Majoritarian Government or public power or majority captures the right of body to arrange to any opposite operation, ceremony contrast to your will or renege on the things you want to do, justifiably.

“The things done to dead body of The Other, or vice versa, are obviously effect the living ones and Its obvious that the things done to dead bodies, or vice versa have poisonous effect, especially for the ones who have to live together with their own discrepancy.Exposure of naked dead bodies, dragging dead bodies for revenge or to put fear in hearts, collecting body parts as a collection, interfering dead bodies to look “so-called’’ normal, blocking the right of performing a proper ceremony according to religion of body owner, imposing a certain type of burial, funeral with references of public power, are some of the examples about this issue.The captured dead body of The Other with this and similar interferences, even when they are dead, is seen as a potential risk and thread by Government, their signs and their implications thought refering to uncertainty are being interfered or being abolished, obviously destroyed rather than when It was needed to interfered.

“Within this scope, this symposium is about the experiences people get through, the experience of people with different sexual, ethnic, religious identity they encounter, in case of death and we are calling audience to examine the possibility of language to comprehend this experience as together, as a first in our country, as far as we know, at least.”

Following Day: Workshop of Religion and LGBTI

The day after symposium, Kaos GL Association is establishing a workshop to discuss relationship between LGBTI and Religion.The workshop which is only open to LGBTI people, will be held in İzmir Siyah Pembe Üçgen Association at 25th October at 14.00.

To participate in this workshop which is indicating that transsexuals and homosexuals are in everywhere including in religious communities, its needed to send an e-mail to yildiz.tar@kaosgl.org by writing  ‘Workshop of Religion and LGBTI’ in the title, along with intention and information texts. 

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