04/11/2022 | Writer: Kerem Selçuk

The young generation is seeking ways to the representation of youth in politics.

The young generation is discussing the new alliances Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

SPoD, a group of university students carrying out social campaigns demanding representation of the young generation in politics, Arayüz Kampanyası, and İvme Hareketi (a political movement working for social democracy) have organized a meeting: “The Young Generation is Ready for This: The New Turkey and The New Alliances”.[1]

As Turkey is on its way for new elections, the young generation is seeking ways for the representation of youth in politics.

In the meeting on October 31 at Postane Beyoğlu Istanbul, Journalist Burcu Karakaş moderated the discussions in which different political parties, NGOs, media workers, and students from university clubs were involved.

[1] For years, right-wing politics in Turkey have claimed, Turkish society is not ready to recognize the LGBTI community. The recent campaigns, therefore, claim the otherwise emphasizing the state of “readiness”.

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