22/04/2009 | Writer: KAOS GL

April 20, 2009
BIA News Center, Ankara, Bawer CAKIR

A 26-year-old has been arrested for the murder of Melek, a member of the Pink Life LGBTT Association. This is only the latest in a spate of murders affecting the LGBTT community.

A man, T.P. (26), has been arrested for stabbing Melek K. at her home and killing her. He was caught in the Sereflikochisar district of Ankara on Saturday, 18 April.

Lawyer Senem Doganoglu, the lawyer assigned to the case, said that T.P. said that he had met Melek K. through a call girl, and that they had started arguing when he found out that she was transsexual. He claims that Melek pulled out a knife.

T.P. further said that after killing Melek, he looked for the money he had given her. When he could not find it, he took her mobile phone and her computer hard disk.

Tags: human rights