12/10/2005 | Writer: KAOS GL

A judge has refused grant an order closing Turkey's only LGBT civil rights organization - a decision being hailed as a the first gay victory since the country applied for entry into the European Union.

The deputy governor of the capital, Ankara, had petitioned a court to rule that Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Organization is breaking the nation's immorality laws.

The legal battle began after Kaos applied for official government status as "a non governmental agency" on July 15. The group had been in existence since 1994 but until now had not sought official approval.

The Ministry of Interior accepted the application and forwarded it to its local branch in Ankara which functions under the Mayor of Ankara. Selahattin Ekremoglu, the deputy governor of Ankara, then asked the court order Kaos closed.

Tags: human rights