29/05/2004 | Writer: KAOS GL

Gay and lesbian activists from Lambda Istanbul visited Turkish Parliament on May 24, 2004 to call for changes in a Turkish Penal Code proposal in order to amend articles that discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Representatives of Lambda Istanbul and Kaos GL met with Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy from district of Nigde, Orhan Erarslan, a member of the sub-commission in charge of new Turkish Penal Code proposal. During the meeting, the spokesman of Lambda Istanbul, Oner Ceylan, demanded the inclusion of gays and lesbians among the groups that are protected by the Turkish Penal Code. Ceylan emphasized the sentences for crimes perpetrated against gays should not be reduced by the court. He also added that laws should be further revised to prevent discrimination against gays and lesbians. (So far the only inclusion of gays and lesbians rights in the new Penal Code is Article 124 which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation.)

A transvestite named Hulya demanded equal opportunity for employment and asked for opportunities so that they wouldn
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