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Kaos GL, published the activity report of last 6 months which summarizes the work of the association.

What did Kaos GL do in last 6 months? Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
Kaos GL, published the activity report of last 6 months which summarizes the work of the association.
Photo: First ever public appeareance of LGBT’s at Turkey in 2001
Media – Communications                                                                                     
The total number of the news published in our news website kaosGL.org in 6 months is 1531. 28% of these are composed of news and articles prepared by our voluntary correspondents, 23,6% are exclusive news and interviews, 9,3% are news and announcements related to LGBT organizations, and 5% are translations. Furthermore, 6,7% of the news are published in English.
Kaos GL Magazine
The dossier topics for the journal’s 136-137-138 issues were respectively “Queer and Psychoanalysis”, “Queer and Art” and “Queer Studies”. In total, 69 writers among whom were 37 women, 30 men and 2 trans contributed to these 3 issues, while 5 translations and 10 interviews took place. 31 of the contributors live as out LGBT people.
Policy and Advocacy Activities
As of 1 April 2014, Kaos GL Association started a new program that includes both public and civil society institutions and Turkish Grand National Assembly. As part of the program the regarding units of the parliament and the ministries will be provided informative publications about lesbian gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people’s human rights. There will be visits to the regarding units; presentations and workshops will be organized. Besides these, using various advocacy mechanisms, MPs and public authorities will be reminded of their obligations and responsibilities against discrimination and violence.
Kaos GL Association working in the human rights protection mechanisms such as legal support and monitoring LGBTI rights is starting a new project, the secretaraite of which will be run by Foundation for Social and Legal Studies. It is planned to bring NGOs and activists together in a common action for the cooperation against discrimination through strategic litigation project.
Strategic Litigation Platform had its first meeting on 13 May 2014 in Kaos GL. The participant organizations were as follows: Kaos GL, TOHAV, CISST, Positive Life, RUSIHAK, Agenda Children, Ankara University Faculty of Political Science Human Rights Center, Refugee Assoc., Bilgi University Human Rights Center and Disabled Women’s Association.
Remzi Altunpolat and Seçin Tuncel attended the KESK Women’s Unsecured Labour Workhop on 11-12 June on behalf of our association. LBT women’s labour insecurity was also brought up in the workshop.
Berna Savcı attended the meeting of Network to Fight against Sexual Abuse towards Children on 14 June on behalf of our association.
Ali Erol, on behalf of our association, attended the Big Consensus meeting of CHP (Republican People’s Party), which they prepared for the presidential elections, on 14 June.
On 20 June, on behalf of our association, Ezgi Koçak attended the Country Analysis Counselling Meeting, organized by the UN.
The 3rd Preparatory Meeting of the 7th term shadow report prepared by Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), that we are a member of its civil society executive committee, took place on 21 June. Ezgi Koçak and Seçin Tuncel attended the meeting.
On 26 June when the conference ’Social Enterpreneurship: Social Inclusion and Sustainable Social Development Possibilities’ was organized by Tasco Turkey, Aylime Aslı Demir and Ezgi Koçak shared the experiences of Kaos GL.
On 28 June, our association was in Germany. As a guest of Frederich Ebert Foundation our staff Yildiz Tar was in Germany.
Foreign Affairs Coordinator of our association, Murat Köylü paid a series of study visits in the US between 14 June and 6 July. He met with public institutions, NGOs and parliament authorities during his visits in Washington, New York, Alabama, and Sandiago.
Lawyers Network Workshop took place in İzmir. 26 people participated in the workshop between 28 and 30 July, with the support of Nefret Etme (Don’t Hate Me) Project and the US embassy. A base for a long term legal strategy for LGBT movement was formed in this workshop.
On behalf of our association, Yıldız Tar attended Stockholm Pride which took place between 30 July and 04 August.
We translated and published the book ’European Commission Standards for Fighting Against Discrimination’ in Turkish with the support of Open Society and SIDA.
We have conducted 2013 Hate Crimes Research and published 2013 Hate Crimes Report with the support of ILGA Europe: http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16236
A week long activities took place while approaching to our 20th anniversary on 20 September. A stall was put in Konur Street for 3 days, banners celebrating our 20th anniversary were hung at several points in the city center. 15 thousand stickers were delivered, covers of Kaos GL Magazine were on display at Konur Street, and 20th anniversary celebration posters were distributed to cafes and bars.
The general assembly of The Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies, of which we are a partner, took place on 2-5 September and Ezgi Koçak  attended the assembly on behalf of Kaos GL. Our association was chosen to Advisory Committee.
We attended Internet Governance Forum organized in Istanbul on 2-5 September.
The vice president of the American human rights organization Freedom House, Chloe Schwenke and FH Euroasia Program Coodinator Nate Schenkan were met. The meeting took place on 8 September, on the subject of developing strategic alliance in LGBT area in the next term.
International Conference under the title ‘The Future Belongs to Us: LGBT Rights on The Road to The EU’ organized by Labris LGBT in Belgrade, Serbia took place on 12-13 September with the participaton of activists from Eastern Europe and Turkey.
The meetings with trade unions Tüm-Bel Sen on 18 September, and SES on 23 September took place for human rights trainings workshops towards unions planned by our association.
A press conference together with MP Aykan Erdemir took place on 19 September at the Turkish Grand National Assembly. MP Erdemir called political actors for fighting against discrimination towards LGBT people and introduced two of our recently published books about advocacy at this meeting.
An advisory meeting took place about the awareness project run by our association on 20 September. Advocacy activities to be run in the Project were analyzed at this meeting by scholars who are part of Kaos GL Advisory Board.
We came together with our partners of this Awareness Project aiming to advance local ad central advocacy for LGBT rights; Amnesty Int, STGM, SPÜ, Pink Life, and Mersin 7 Colours associations, on 25 September.
A meeting with Amnesty International took place on 25 September for ‘My Body, My Rights’ campaign in Tukey. It is decided to act together for the advocacy and activism parts of the campaign.
A meeting with the EU Delegation for Turkey’s Policy Development and Civil Society units took place on 25 Setember in order to increase current political influence of the running projects’ activities.
We participated at the Amnesty International’s Trainers Training that took place in Ankara on 26-28 September.
Our association became the only civil society organization contributing to the process of preparing the analysis at the UN Country Analysis consultation meeting, which took place on 30 September.
International Anti-Homophobia Meeting Against Homophobia
The 9th International Anti-Homophobia Meeting’s main program took place on 17-18 May but there were various events beforehand. The main guests of the program were IDAHO Committee President Tamara Adrian and queer theorist Jack Halberstam, Kaos GL Association member and author Kürşad Kahramanoğlu and Samim Akgül: http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16640
On 9 April 2014, we were at Yalova Social Services! An event titled “LGBT’s and Social Services” took place at Yalova University Vocational School. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16322
On 11 Apri 2014, Mersin University Psychology Days: Ali Erol from Kaos GL participated an event organized by Psychology Society, with the topic “LGBT Struggle: from Disease to Demands for Rights”. This event was supported within the scope of Nefret Etme (Don’t Hate Me) Project run by Kaos GL and Pink Life. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16265
On 17 April 2014, we were at Muğla University. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16448
On 29 April 2014, Kaos GL and Pink Life associations came together with the students of Social Services Department at Kocaeli University. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16503
On 9 May 2014, we were in Adana. The topic “LGBTI Movement and Students” was discussed in Adana. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16577
Pink Life’s activists met with homophobia and transphobia fighters within the Project of Rainbow Coalition Against Discrimination, run together by Kaos GL and Pink Life, on 26 April 2014 in Malatya, 10 May in Hatay, 24 May in Çanakkale.
We supported the screening tour of TransX documentary.
The screening of the film took place on 10 May 2014 in İzmir, 13 May 2014 in Ankara, 17 May 2014 in Adana, 22 May 2014 in Diyarbakır, 31 May 2014 in Gaziantep, 6 June 2014 in Dersim by support of SİDA Project and Pink Life Association.
Human Rights Trainings
Human rights trainings towards lawyers, teachers and journalists are organized within the scope of the projects of Rainbow Coalition Against Discrimination and Don’t Hate Me, both of which are run by Kaos GL and Pink Life associations together.
Trainings for Lawyers, the workshops for lawyers took place on 10 April 2014 in Mersin hosted by Mersin Bar Association and 7 Colours Association, 11 April 2014 in Adana hosted by Adana Bar Association and Queer Adana, 10 May 2014 in Antalya hosted by Antalya Bar Association, and 26 May 2014 in Diyarbakir hosted by Diyarbakir Bar Association. We reached out to around 50 lawyers in total.
Teachers Trainings, 16 April 2014, within the scope of the project of Don’t Hate Me, teachers training took place in Eskişehir, hosted by Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Association. Within the Project of Rainbow Coalition on 27 April 2014 in Bursa, 10 May 2014 in Adana teachers trainings took place. Around 100 teachers were reached at these three trainings.
Meeting with Journalists
On 13 April 2014, Journalist training of Don’t Hate Me project,  was accomplished with TGS (Turkish Journalists Union). At this trainig hosted by Journalists Union in Istanbul, Tuğrul Eryılmaz attended as the trainer. Around 20 journalists participated.
Refugee Studies!
Refugee Workshop hosted by Amnesty International Turkey and Kaos GL took place at the 9th Anti-Homophobia Meetings. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16582
Kaos GL Association’s attorney Hayriye Kara participated in the Workshop Towards  Developing A Strategy of Orientation for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Turkey.
Refugee Rights Coordination, of which Kaos GL is a member, sent a letter to the Migration Office on the situation of Afghani refugees and asylum seekers. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16596
Human Rights of Syrians in Turkey From The NGOs’ Experiences Perspective Wokshop was held in Ankara on 22-23 May, hosted by TACSO. Hayriye Kara from Kaos GL participated in it.
On 27 May 2014 in Gaziantep, hosted by Mülteci-Der (Refugee-Assoc.), Refugee Seminar was held. Hayriye Kara attended on behalf of Kaos GL. http://www.kaosgl.org/sayfa.php?id=16718
On 31 May 2014, “Refugee Criterias, Application and Evaluation Practices Foreseen by YUKK in The Light Of The Example Of EU Standards and The Netherlands” workshop was held. Hayriye Kara from Kaos GL participated.
Academy and Cultural Activities
April schedule of Queer Studies lectures, guest faculties and the lecture topics were; “4 April 2014 Begüm Başdaş, Queer beyond identity politics as a body performance”, “11 April 2014 Sociality and Queer by Aylime Aslı Demir”, “18 April 2014 Queer History by Ezgi Sarıtaş”, “25 April 2014 Queering The Anarchy and The Anarchy in Queer by Süreyya Evren”.
Kaos Q Journal publishing preparations are fully going on. At the end of June, Kaos Q is planned to meet readers. In our first issue, Alev Özkazanç, Sibel Yardımcı, Zafer Aracagök, Ayşe Uslu, Annamarie Jogose, Claire Calobrook, Gayle Rubin, Yaşar Çubuklu, Begüm Başdaş, Esen Kurt have contributed.
As part of Lectures Against Discrimination in April: 03 April 2014, METU Education Psychology, Ali Erol, Seçin Tuncel, 15 April 2014 Hacettepe University, 12.30- 15.30, Ali Erol, 17 April 2014 at 15.40 Hacettepe Unversity Sociology Department, Seçin Tuncel attended.
May schedule of Queer Studies lectures, guest faculties and their lecture topics are: “2 May 2014 Queer Cinema by Nejat Uusay”, “9 May 2014 Queer Art by Alev Özkazanç”, “17 May 2014 Listening to Black Femme Lesbian with Halberstam run by queer theorist Jack Halberstam”.
Due to June, July, August being academic break, our Academy and Cultural Studies Program continued with advisory and planning activities.
Our panel on Gender Conditions and Social Struggle took place on 1 September at The 9th Karaburun Science Congress.
A workshop on Male Rape As A Crises Of Masculinity topic took place on 11 September, at The 1st International Men and Masculinities Symposium.
Alternative Publishing event was held in Ankara on 20 September. The speakerss were İdil Engindeniz Şahan, Eren Barış, Emir Ali Türkmen, Aksu Bora, Müge Yetener, Süreyyya Evren, Zakarya Mildanoğlu, Işık Ergüden. The history of alternative publishing in Turkey was discussed.
On 20 September, two social events were held as part of 20th year events. First, the movie “The Circle” was screened at Büyülü Fener Cinema. Then, 21st year party was held in Roxanne.
Kaos GL Academic Advisory Committee came together on 21 September for 2014-15 agenda. At the meeting attended by 22 academicians, a series of decisions were taken on suggestions for the new term, foundation, academic publishings and academic program.
Heterosexism’s Critics and Alternative Politics lecture started with Stories by Esmeray on 26 September.
As in the last year, also this year at Ankara University Cebeci Campus, film screenings organized together with Communications Faculty started with Voltrans documentary to honour the anniversary of the loss of our member Aligül Arıkan, on 26 September.
Capacity Building
April- May
With the Capacity Building Supports, Agenda Children, Disabled Women Association, Mersin Seven Colours LGBT Association, Antakya LGBT Initiative, Pink Life LGBTT Association, Turk MSIC were supported.
June- July
Due to civil society, in general, leaving the months of June and July aside and working on preparing the work schedules, our capacity building activities de facto stopped.
The first Pride Parade of Dersim, Munzur Pride, was held on 2 August within Munzur Fest, by financial and actual support provided with our association’s Small Grant Program.
A capacity building training was given to Istanbul LGBTT Association on 11- 12 August. Together with this training, the organizational activity plan for next term was also prepared. This training was given by Umut Güner and Ali Erol from our association.
Within the scope of Don’t Hate Me project, the ongoing Trans Network meetings’ Istanbul advisory meeting was held on 13 August. Besides the activists working on trans area in Istanbul, Buse Kılıçkaya and Gani Met from Pink Life Association attended the meeting. This meeting was organized by Umut Güner and Ali Erol on behalf of our association.
On 17-19 September, Security Training organized by us with moderator Sandra Ljubinkovic took place with participation of activists from 15 LGBT organizations.
Our Union and Education Groups came together on 28 September, in Eskişehir. At this meeting, 2015 group strategies and organizational plans were formed.
Kaos GL Capacity Building Program’s Report
Kaos GL Association Capacity Building Program’s Activity Report is published.
Kaos GL Association, within the Capacity Building Program, realizes its activities under the sections of “Small Grants Program to empower Local Organizations’ Capacity”, “Capacity Enhancement Training”, “Advisory Committees and Thematic Workshops” and “Human Rights Trainings”.
Small Grants Program to Local Organizations’ Capacity Building
Kaos GL Association, within the Rainbow Coalition Project supported by SIDA, started “Local Organizations’ Capacity Building Program”.
Kaos GL Association, within this program aiming to empower local LGBT organizations’ capacity, supported LGBT activism in Ankara, Adana, Mersin, Dersim, Diyarbakır, İzmir, Gaziantep, Antalya, İstanbul.
Administrative Support to Ankara, İstanbul, Mersin and Diyarbakır LGBT Associations.
8750 TL administrative support was given to İstanbul LGBTT Association for trans guest house as a model practice to social services. 8750 TL was given to T-Der (Trans Association) in Ankara working in the area of access to health services and transition process for trans people, on their request for general administrative support. Administrative support request of Mersin Seven Colours Association based in Mersin was approved and 8750 TL was given. Hebun LGBT Association based in Diyarbakır was supported with 8750 TL on their general administrative support request.
Support For Local LGBT Organizations in Gaziantep, Dersim, Antalya, Diyarbakır is Continuing
Among the 2014- 2015 term main activity areas of Local Organizations’ Capacity Building Program is “anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia movement to be strenghtened in locals”. Within the program, and the reccomendation of the Advisory Committee, local organizations were invited. Pembe Caretta LGBT Initiative in Antalya and ZeugMadi LGBT Initiative in Gaziantep were given 8750 TL support in order to continue their local activities. Within the same program, KeSKeSoR LGBT Initiative in Diyarbakir was given 5000 TL grant to support their local activities.
Supported Events
Pride Parade event of Roştîya Asmê LGBT Initiative in Dersim on 2 August Saturday, Istanbul LGBTT Association’s TransX documentary screenings in Gaziantep, Dersim, Adana, Mersin, Ankara and Izmir.
Within the 21st Pride Week, “Women, Loves and Songs” theater play and a bus transportation from Ankara to Istanbul Pride Parade were supported by the “Local Organizations’ Capacity Building Program”.
Local Organizations’ Capacity Building Program and “Local Anti-Homophobia Meetings Support Program”
Kaos GL Association will continue supporting local LGBT organizations in 2015 within the scope of “Local Organizations’ Capacity Building Program”. At the same time, in 2015 within the scope of “Local Anti-Homophobia Meetings Support Program”, foundations, associations, union branches, youth and student societies fighting against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity will be supported by 1000 TL grant amount. In 2014, Kaos GL Association which organized “Local Anti-Homophobia Meetings” in 25 different cities, met people against homophobia in 36 different cities in total.
Capacity Building Trainings
Mersin 7 Colours Association, Istanbul LGBTT Association and Antalya Pink Caretta LGBT Initiative were supported in capacity building.
Security Training Towards LGBT Organizations
On 17-19 September, in Ankara, Security Training organized by Kaos GL Association with support of ILGA Europe was held by participation of 18 activists from 15 LGBTI organizations, with the trainer Sandra Ljubinkovic.
Activists from Diyarbakir Hebun, İstanbul LGBT, Kars Anti-Homophobia and Anti-Transphobia Platform, Diyarbakır KeSKeSoR, İzmir LeGeBİT, Mersin 7 Colours, Eskişehir MorEl, Antalya Pink Caretta, Dersim Roştîya Asmê, İzmir Black Pink Triangle, Queer Adana, Gaziantep ZeugMadi, Kaos GL ad Pink Life discussed the issue of security and local experiences.
At the security training, the problems that LGBT activists face in different areas, how and which things influence security from local experiences perspective, personal and organizational ways of dealing with problems, personal and organizational ways to provide security and actual experiences were deeply evaluated.
Training process finalized with Sandra’s workshops on how to measure and analyze risk, presentations on how to prepare personal and organizational security plans and strategic thinking, developing a strategy besides group therapy.
Advisory Committee Meetings
Law Workshops: Kaos GL Association’s Law Strategy Workshop was held in Seferihisar- İzmir, on 28-31 August. In the workshop, which was attended by lawyers from Adana, Mersin, Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Batman and Diyarbakır bar associations, lawyers evaluated with activists of Kaos GL and Pink Life how LGBT Human Rights reflect in law area.
LGBT rights legal campaign experiences, problems and possibilities were discussed in the workshop. Information on Kaos GL’s legal area works was given. Case analysis on “What Type Of Pathway Should Be Chosen In The Light Of Practice and Actual Regulations”. The report of the meeting organized by the support of the USA Embassy will be published in December 2014.
Kaos GL Association organized Lawyers Network Workshop in Ankara, İzmir, Adana and Diyarbakır with support of the USA and the Netherlands embassies in 2013. Since February 2014, within the scope of “Rainbow Coalition Against Discrimination Project” jointly run with Pink Life Association, Lawyers Workshops were organized in Ankara, İzmir, Diyarbakır, Adana, Mersin, Antalya. We will continue organizing thematic workshops within Rainbow Coalition Against Discrimination Project in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Kaos GL Work Group on Unions: Kaos GL work group on unions met on 26 August and planned the activities related to working life in the new term. The Work Group on Unions’ featured planned activities are:
A report on work life becoming vendorized and the influence of education environement getting marketized on LGBTI teachers’ lives will be prepared. The impact of civil servants code 657 on LGBTI teachers will be evaluated.
Kaos GL will organize a symposium on "Work Life and Employement" in December 2014. The Work Group on Unions stated that it should be discussed the impact of education system getting flexible and vendorization in education area on LGBTI and women teachers. Education system getting flexible and vendorization topics will be discussed at this symposium.
Kaos GL Work Group on Unions will organize "unionists against homophobia and transphobia meetings" in Eskişehir, Adana, İzmir and Ankara for the new term.
Kaos GL Education Work Group: "Kaos GL Education Work Group" met on 26 August. At this meeting attended by several teachers from different cities planned the things to be conducted for the new term.  Education Forum, Trainings of Trainers, Teachers Trainings, Book Monitoring are taken into agenda.
Kaos GL Advisory Committee: Kaos GL Advisory Committee formed of academicians met on 21 September in Ankara.
1st Transdisciplinary Academic Congress: Science Against Heterosexism
The Advisory Committee took a decision to organize a symposium to increase the interactions and inter-communications among the academicians under the theme of "Transdisciplinary Academic Congress".The congress, where they can discuss the topics of science, academic liberty, sexuality, borders and disciplines from within themselves, will be organized under the name of "1st Transdisciplinary Academic Congress: Science Against Heterosexism". Melek Göregenli, Simten Coşar, İdil Engindeniz, Aksu Bora, Gülşah Şeydaoğlu, Remzi Altunpolat and from Kaos GL Ali Erol, Umut Güner and Aslı Demir will be in the Organizing Committee.
Kaos GL Health Rights Workshop and Research
As it was anounced in the previous yer on December by Kaos GL, it was decided that the "health rights and right to acces to health" would be the main theme of the 2015 Symposium Against Discrimination at the human rights week. It was decided in the Kaos GL Advisory Committee that a Health Work Group composed of related names from the Advisory Committee will be formed to analyze the problems of LGBT’s facing when accessing health services and to develop a more effective advocacy strategy. The Health Work Group composed of names such as Ayşe Devrim Başterzi, Şahika Yüksel, Selçuk Candansayar, Gülşah Şeydaoğlu, Koray Başar and Melek Göregenli should come together for the 2014-2015 term and open a discussion on Kaos GL’s works on this area. Kaos GL Association, at the same time, will realize the research on LGBT’s use of health rights and right to access health services by conducting internet and face to face interviews in coordination with this work group. The Work Group will also organize a quest meeting with civil society organizations, labour organizations, chamber of medicine and the union working in this area.
LGBT’s Right to The City
It is decided at the Advisory Committee to open a discussion on enhancing the relations of local LGBT organizations with local administrations and to define the requirements in this area.
Towards A Non-Heteronormative Social Service!
It is decided to have a focus group meeting with participation of Social Service Work Group and Advisory Committe and to constitute the works on the area of "social service" which is the main theme of 2016 Symposium Against Discrimination.
“Meeting with Academicians working on LGBT area at Hacettepe University"
It is decided to have a meeting with academicians working on LGBT issues at Hacettepe University. Before this, there will be a meeting with actual academicians who are members of the Advisory Committe, from Hacettepe University. The organization of a further expanded meeting will be evaluated within the Advisory Committee.
Theme of Local Meetings: "Freedom of Thought, Expression and Organization of LGBT’s and Media"
Suggestion for "media" to be one of the sub-themes of "Local Meetings" as part of Kaos GL’s 20th year was taken into agenda. By the suggestion of İdil Engindeniz from Galatasaray University Communications Faculty, within the scope of "local meetings", it was decided to hold events themed media, gender and heterosexism at Communication Faculties in different cities.
Karaburun Economy-Poltics School: Sexuality Lecture
It is decided to bring a 5 days lecture program for 2015 Karaburun Congress with support of Kaos GL Association’s Advisory Committee. At the Economy-Politics School, a course schedule themed "sexuality" will be prepared. The preparation works will be run by Aslı Demir on behalf of Kaos GL Association.
Kaos GL Academic Publications
In correspondence with the suggestions and demands to Kaos GL Association, it is agreed to prepare resource books supporting the academic works in the area of "LGBT and Queer". Kaos GL Magazine’s Editor in Chief and the Coordinator of Academic and Cultural Studies, Aslı Demir, will prepare a draft work in correspondence with demands.
17 May Foundation Assembling Process
17 May Foundation assembling process is evaluated at the Advisory Committee meeting. It is agreed that the willing members of the Advisory Committee could be included in the board of trustees of the foundation. A strategy to create a resource for assembling the foundation will be established. It is agreed that the foundation, at the same time, should have an organizational structure to support Kaos GL’s activities, and focus especially on education, academic studies, human rights and advocacy program.
The Advisory Committee who met within the scope of anniversary of the association that left 20 years of collective struggle to freedom which started with Kaos GL Journal, evaluated Kaos GL Association’s next term action plan in struggle against homophobia and transphobia at this meeting. 

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