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A quick look at Kaos GL's International Memory and History Conference…

What was discussed at the International Memory and History Conference? Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL Association's International Memory and History Conference was held in Izmir on September 27-29.

Events began on Friday, September 27, with the workshop. In the first session of the workshop, the question "Where are we in memory and history studies in Turkey?" was discussed. In the second session, participants sought answers to the second session, "How do you include sexual orientation and gender identity in memory studies?"

On the first day of the program, Yıldız Tar of the Kaos GL Association moderated the last session; Dr. Peter Rehberg and Dr. Birgit Bosold discussed the LGBTI+ museum experience in Germany through the Schwules Museum (Berlin/ Germany), while Florent Molle discussed the issues raised during the preparation of the exhibition on HIV and AIDS.

On Saturday, September 28, Oya Burcu Ersoy of the Kaos GL Association has made the keynote speech. Then, the session "How the history is being written?" was moderated by Aksu Bora; Göze Orhon's "Memory regimes: How do we remember, how do we forget?", Onur Çimen's "Ambiguous sources of queer history" and Yilmaz Yeniler's speech, titled "Aspects of archaeology and queer theory at the self-reflective crossroads" took place.

In the second session that moderated by Selin Berghan, difficulties of LGBTI+ and queer history writing was discussed by; Devrim Sezer with the speech titled "Memory as a way of settlement, memory as a way of resistance", Fatih Torun with the speech titled "Queer thoughts on Ottoman history" and Yiıdız Tar's speech on the oral history studies of Kaos GL.

In the first session of September 29, the “archive” was discussed with the speeches of; Ezgi Sarıtaş “Queer historiography and the felt archives”, Oktay İnce “If remembering is to recall an image”, Serdar Soydan “Digging a well with a needle and the drifter that comes out of that well: Kenan Çinili” and Okan Thedimi “Collection of Lambdaİstanbul: Albeit through the time…”, with Remzi Altunpolat as the moderator.

And then, guests of the Color Screen Interviews guests came together for the "We are making history here!" session, moderated by Aylime Aslı Demir.

In the third session of the day, moderated by Ali Erol; the notion of "space" was discussed with Burkay Pasin's speech "Queer space: Changing paradigms, contradictions and possibilities" and Melek Göregenli's speech titled "Gendering the space and the control of gender and sexuality through space".

The International Memory and History Conference that set off with the call of “Maybe the story that is being told is your story too. Maybe we are tracing something together, maybe we sang songs told stories to leave a trace. With respects to the ones that we walked together, to our separating paths, and to lives that gushes from letters…” ended with the Erdem Gürsu's speech on "Being Lubunya (queer) in the 80s and 90s oral history research" and Umut Güven's speech on "Kaos GL Color Screen oral history research", under the moderation of Gülay Kayacan.

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