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International Rainbow Summer Camp
July 3-9, 2006

International Rainbow Summer Camp
Ancient Lycia Road , Kabak Koyu, Fethiye, TURKEY
Kaos GL

Summer Camp?
"International Rainbow Summer Camp" is the name of the summer meeting for LGBT people that we have arranged as Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Studies and Solidarity Society.

From picnic to camp: The Rainbow Summer Camp
We are turning the picnics that we have been arranging every year since 1997 into the "International Summer Camp" for LGBT people this summer. We see camps and picnics as our practice of reaching beyond the places and relationships that we have been imprisoned in. In this camp, which is one of our steps towards coming out in daily life, we would like to be all together this summer.

Camp: We are joining our vacations!
By moving from one-day-long picnics to one week of summer camp, we want our join our vacations. With the summer camp, we gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender people want to have a vacation that becomes the name "Rainbow", altogether. We want to swim in the sea and walk on the mountain. We plan to communicate and interact, through social, cultural and psychological workshops.

How Can I join the Summer Camp?
The Rainbow Summer Camp welcomes all LGBT people from Turkey and all parts of the World.

OK, but when is the camp?
The camp is arranged for one week between July 3-9, 2006. It starts on Monday and finishes on Sunday evening. Those who cannot stay the whole week can also choose the option which are 4-5 or 3-4 days long.

Where do we go?
The camp site is on the Ancient Lycia Road , in the beautiful bay called Kabak Koyu, near Fethiye. There are more than one camping sites in Kabak Koyu. One of these has been reserved for the Rainbow Summer Camp between July 3-9.

How do I get there?
We will be starting from Ankara on July 2, Sunday evening, at 22:00. Those who will be joining the camp from other cities can meet us here in Ankara so that we can start together in the evening and travel on the same bus. If they wish, our guests who will be coming from abroad can join us in Ankara in the evening of July 2, so that we will have a fun bus trip to Fethiye altogether.

Every one is going to meet on Monday morning, July 3 in Fethiye Bus Terminal. Those who will be coming from cities other than Ankara can also arrange their journey so that they will be in Fethiye Bus Terminal on Monday morning July 3, at 08:00. (Those who plan to come via Dalaman Airport can again arrange their flights so that they will arrive in Fethiye Bus Terminal on Monday morning July 3, at 08:00)

Transportation to the Camp
We will arrive at the end of road with a one-hour long minibus trip; after that we will walk for approximately 45 minutes to the camp site. So please come with a rucksack, not with a suitcase, etc.

Who is in Charge of the Camp?
A professional guide from Middle Earth has undertaken to be in charge of the Rainbow Summer Camp. Our guide in charge will be with us full time for the whole week. The daily fee of our guide is a hundred (100) YTL (New Turkish Liras), this fee will be divided to the number of participants in the camp and paid jointly by all participants.

The Program and Activities:
Walks to the mountain and the waterfall
Boat trip to the pirate city in Paradise Bay
Moonlight and camp fire on the beach
Movie Shows on wide screen TV
Poetry and Photography workshops
Recitals by the local gay-lesbian choir
Batik Workshop- do not forget to bring t-shirts
For those who would like to learn how to swim or improve their swimming, the camp instructor will be with us throughout the camp.

Open-air Workshops:
Night and Music Workshop
Pool and Waterfall Workshop
Moonlight Workshop
Love Workshop
Awareness Workshop

What Should I Bring with Me?
Walking shoes or boots suitable for the mountain walk, with soles that won't slip
Hat, swimming suit, shorts, towel
Sun lotion
Comfortable pants suitable for nature walks, can be shorts or trainers too.
T-shirts or sleevelesses
A small rucksack to put your camera, water bottle, etc. in.

We will be staying in timber huts or tents.
Both the huts and the tents are for two.
The organization is closed to the press.

Reservations and Pre-Registration:
- You can pre-register to the camp by depositing 100 (one hundred) YTL in the bank account of the camp.
- There is a 20 (twenty) YTL discount for those who register for the Rainbow Summer camp until June 9, 2006, Friday, 17:00 .
- The deadline for registration is June 27, 2006, Tuesday, 17:00 .
- The participants to the Rainbow Summer Camp should deposit the whole of the camp fee in the camp's bank account until June 27, 2006, Tuesday, 17:00 .

Camping Fees
- 250 YTL: 7 days in a timber hut / 230 YTL until June 9 (150
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