05/07/2004 | Writer: KAOS GL

On this article you may read the interview KAOS GL did with Kursad Kahramanoglu who is the current Secretary General of International Lesbian and Gay Association's (ILGA).

KAOS: Please tell us about yourself
This is the question I always find most difficult. The best thing, if one curious, one can do is to look at www.ilga.org.[1] There is a short CV of me which I did not write however here are some stuff you will not find there: I am Turkish lived 27 years in UK. All this period has passed fighting one way or another some sort of discrimination and injustice, in fact even before back in Turkey, I was involved with left student politics in METU. I have an academic background, however I thought academic life boring, and moved to be a trade unionist, thinking that trade unions in a country like UK can be a vehicle for change. I am semi disappointed with this, because the leadership of trade unions even in a democratic country can be manipulated or not consistently progressive. I was elected to be the Secretary General of ILGA 1999 in South Africa and I still hold this post. I will not seek another term, because I now want some time for myself.

KAOS: What are the missions of ILGA and ILGA Europe?
ILGA Europe does not and cannot have another mission because it is the European Region of ILGA like ILGA Asia, ILGA LAC, etc. ILGA
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