18/01/2009 | Writer: KAOS GL

January 19, 2009
KAOS GL, Kemal Ordek

Kerry Eleveld is the political editor of The Advocate, the prize-winner LGBT news magazine, based in the US. She has been covering LGBT issues for years and keeping her longstanding experiences in this field, our writer Kemal Ordek directed questions to her and she answered them for Kaos GL. We talked about the problems of LGBT people in media, political agenda and LGBT issues at hand that have been discussed for several years in the US.

Firstly, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Kerry Eleveld and I am political editor of The Advocate. I have been working as a journalist for over a decade and have spent the last three years reporting on LGBT issues for gay publications.

You have been working within the LGBT media. Could you please explain us what kinds of processes (surprises, problems, motivations, etc.) you experienced throughout your career in the LGBT-based media?
My career in gay media has been relatively short and I see myself as part of a new wave of journalists working for LGBT news outlets. To some extent, the first wave tended to be activists who became journalists and they reported on stories that no mainstream media outlets would cover. Today in the United States, mainstream media willingly report gay and lesbian stories but sometimes they don
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