14/07/2007 | Writer: KAOS GL

Report published on July 2007

Cyprus is still a socially conservative country when it comes to homosexuality, as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people are seen as engaging in immoral conduct.

Male homosexual conduct only (not lesbianism) has been a crime since 1889 when Cyprus was a British colony, and thus like the British law against buggery Cypriot law was technically silent about female homosexuality or lesbianism. In 1960 Cyprus became a fully independent nation from Britain and still "maintained" the old buggery laws .[1]

Only in 2002 was homosexuality aligned with heterosexuality in terms of age of consent (17), but only in the area of the Republic of Cyprus, i.e. the Southern part of the island, whereas in the North the British buggery laws are theoretically still valid[2] , although a kind of
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