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March 15, 2010
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"Resign, Aliye Kavaf" was written on the banner in the protest of the Pink Life LGBTT Association. The organization filed a criminal complaint against Minister Kavaf who said "Homosexuality is a disease and should be treated".

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite and transsexual (LGBTT) organization Pink Life filed a criminal complaint with Selma Aliye Kavaf, Minister for Women and Family, on the grounds of her statements regarding homosexuality.

The LGBTT association requested Kavaf's prosecution the Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office by virtue of inciting the public to hatred and hostility and humiliating homosexuality according to articles no. 216 and 218 of the Turkish Criminal Code.

Subsequent the application at the prosecution, members of Pink Life issued a joint press release in front of the Human Rights Monument in the capital's district of Kιzιlay.

"Why does the government keep silent?"

The protest action was attended by approximately 50 people, as reported by Baris Sulu from Kaos GL (Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association). The participants carried a banner saying "Resign, Aliye Kavaf".

Kavaf had said that "Homosexuality is a disease and should be treated". The Pink Life Association claims that this statement is scientifically invalid as well as a violation of human rights. Neslihan Uras made the following announcement on behalf of the association:

"Neither Kavaf herself nor the government nor an official of any political party commented on Kavaf's statement, nobody apologized", Uras argued.

She continued, "Kavaf is expected to defend the rights of women, homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals in the current urban circumstances. The persisting silence despite her statement and the referring critics instigates and strengthens existing social prejudice and hatred against homosexuals".

"This statement was made at the expense of homosexuals, whose right to life is taken from their hands by continuous exposure to discrimination, attacks and hate killings. The indifference shown to the statement and its critics indicates the exclusion of LGBTT individuals by the government", Uras said.

"Minister Selma Aliye Kavaf will be one of the people to be held responsible for any kind of future rights violation or hate killing of homosexuals, unless she apologizes for her statement and resigns".

The members of the Pink Life Association called Minister Kavaf to apologize and resign. "Not homosexuality, but homophobia is the disease to be treated", they said.

Before filing the complaint, the association had addressed Kavaf in a letter.

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