19/10/2015 | Writer: Gökhan C.

Information report of ‘’LGBTI People’s Freedom of Expression on the Internet’’ on regulation of Internet and Censorship aimed at LGBTI People is published by lawyer Yasemin Öz.

Report of ‘LGBTI People’s Freedom of Expression on the Internet’ is published Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Information report of ‘’LGBTI People's Freedom of Expression on the Internet’’ on regulation of Internet and Censorship aimed at LGBTI People is published by lawyer Yasemin Öz.

Kaos GL Association published the report of ‘’LGBTI People’s Freedom of Expression on the Internet’’ who continues to work on freedom of Internet, Censorship and discrimination in Internet. 

The report prepared by Yasemin Öz, investigates the effects of the regulation and legislations to freedom of expression. In report, regulation scanning along with LGBTI websites which are banned to access and judicial process can be found.

Research results show that the regulation which deals with the content of Internet publication and domain names is not only directed to LGBTI People, but also directed to freedom of expression as a threat, generally.

‘’Obscenity’’, ‘’Public Order’’ and ‘’Morality’’

It shows that the considered examples whose contents are unclear, such as ‘’obscenity’’, ‘’public order’’ and ‘’morality’’ cause an extensive ban authorization.

The report written in six chapters, starts with the criticism on freedom of expression on the Internet in Turkey, literally. Afterwards, the relationship between LGBTI People’s freedom of expression and Internet, the regulation on Internet usage, examples of the banned websites that contains LGBTI’s content, the censorship imposed on LGBTI people by global Internet websites and judicial applications related to ban of LGBTI organizations’ freedom of expression via Internet, are provided.

In the end of the report, suggestions from association and text of ‘’Feminist Principles in Internet’’ are provided, written by APC (Association for Progressive Communications) the project partner of Kaos GL in freedom of Internet.

‘’Laws should be changed so as not to cause discrimination’’

Outcome of the report shows the necessity of alteration in law without any ambiguous criteria, so as not to cause any discrimination in terms of freedom of expression which is guaranteed in Turkish Constitution and International Convent.

Printed version of the report can be accessed from Kaos GL Association. This link to access Turkish version, this for the English version.

‘’Works of Kaos GL in the field of Internet’’

Last May, Kaos GL, who got together more than 20 volunteer reporter from 14 cities for the New Media School which lasted four days, also organized a meeting to create a network related to freedom of Internet in the name of ‘’ Cyber People’s Meeting’’ in September. On 12-13th September, representatives from LGBTI Associations met to speak about Internet activism and ways of fight in terms of Penal System, in the Civil Society Association.

*This research has been financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) under the scope of the “Sexual Rights Project” of which the Kaos GL Association is a member. The “Sexual Rights Project” is run by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) with partners from India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey. Financial support by the APC and SIDA does not necessarily mean that they agree with arguments in this publication.

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