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July 8, 2009

In a published report entitled "End Homophobia in the Media", the Kaos GL association criticised the continued use of stereotypes and display of homophobia.

Kaos GL, a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) cultural studies and solidarity association, has published a report on the representation of homosexuality in the media.

The report is divided into seven parts, entitled "What kind of media are we watching?", "Results of the media analysis of 2008", "Media and censorship", "Media, the Turkish Penal Code and the civilian constitution process", "Tactics for dealing with the media", "Media and the homosexual movement", "Media and social participation, sexual orientation and women's brochure".

A scan of the media last year found that of the 2,058 news items pertaining to LGBT issues were mostly (46 percent) about entertainment/gossip, while 22 percent were found in columns, 12 percent in headlines and 18 percent in culture and art.

The report also ranked mainstream newspapers according to how many LGBT new items made the headlines.

While the Birgun, Radikal and Taraf newspapers were generally evaluated as positive in their manner of reporting, most news items were negative.

The news items were further categorised according to 17 indicators of negativity. 473 news items reiterated stereotypes about homosexuality, 450 used homophobic language, and 242 criminalised LGBT individuals. In all but 50 of the items LGBT individuals were portrayed as objects.

Using 5 indicators of positivity, the report only found 395 news items that contained positive models of homosexuality.

The report also discusses the censorship that the media applies to LGBT publications. In addition, the report gives details on LGBT panels.

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